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We're Dale & Shirley Guiducci, founders of one of the top blogs for people over 50, LifeStyle Over 50. We both are going through what men and women of our age experience. And, we are passionate about helping others our age with health changes and challenges, diet, fitness, travel, retirement, and generally being and staying healthy and happy.

We made the transition from the corporate world to working from home and now our daily commute is about 30 feet to our home office. We dress for work in shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops. Starting this blog changed our lives and we can’t wait to share how it’s helped us enjoy freedom and flexibility in our 50's and 60's. Find out more about us and what this blog can do for you!

Dale and Shirley LifeStyle Over 50

As LifeStyle Over 50 has evolved, and we have too, our focus has shifted somewhat. The content will always have a slant towards health. Because if you don't have your health, nothing else really matters. And, of course, part of staying healthy is being fit and active. So we've written a lot and will continue to write about those topics.

But since Covid-19 and the restrictions it has put on everyone around the globe, we have become more focused on travel. Not jumping on airlines and visiting foreign countries or staying in resorts, though. What we've been writing about is travel closer to home.

You'll find that our recent articles are about day trips, weekend trips, and specifically road trips in Florida. In fact, because we love to travel, we bought a camper trailer and are taking many camping trips this year that we're writing about.

At LifeStyle Over 50, we will try to stay on top of what it is you want to know more about. And, we'll shift our focus in that direction. If there is a specific topic relevant to life over 50 that you'd like to know more about, contact us through email and phone. We'd love to hear your idea. More than likely our other readers would want to know more about that too! Thanks for being here!!

-Dale and Shirley Guiducci