To Inspire People Over 50 to Achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness,
So They Can Live Life to the Fullest

Hi there! We're Dale and Shirley Guiducci, the two 50+-year-olds behind this lifestyle blog for people over 50, LifeStyleOver50. Let us share a secret. After some serious personal setbacks we have figured out how to be active and healthy, work from home, travel on our schedule, and set ourselves up to retire in some pretty exotic places. And, we want to do the same for you.

Have you been wondering:

"How can we eat better to support our bodies the best way?"

"Should we be more active as we age, and what type of activities should we do?"

"How can we address health-related issues as they arise in a natural way?"

"Is it possible to still travel while we save for our retirement years?"

"Could we find another income source to help us retire earlier?"

"Can we retire and have the lifestyle we desire?"

If you have been wondering about the answers to any of these questions you are not alone. We once asked ourselves these same questions.


Our Approach

Our Story

You see, before we found a way to work from home and earn more than we did at our jobs, we were just like most people. We knew we wanted more out of life, and wanted more out of our retirement, but we just didn’t know how to change things. Then, due to the recession, we were forced to change things! That's how we were able to eventually start LifeStyleOver50.


We met in 1994 when we were both working in southern California with a network marketing company. Although neither one of us enjoyed much success with that company we established a life long partnership in love, marriage, friendship, and business.

For the first 14 years of our marriage, we had corporate jobs. Shirley was a CFO for a real estate development company in San Diego making great money. I was a Regional Manager for a home oxygen provider and traveled extensively most of the month. Our combined incomes allowed us to buy our first home together and then trade up to a beautiful 3,200 s.f. dream home. We had 3 rental properties and money in the bank. We vacationed in Hawaii twice a year. Life was good. In fact, our 5-year plan was to keep putting money away and then sell our San Diego real estate and head for Maui or Kauai.


Then the banks failed and the bottom fell out of the real estate market. I was laid off from my job and 9 months later Shirley joined me in the ranks of the unemployed. Her real estate development company was barely breathing. We went from making a great deal of money to living on our unemployment checks. No one was looking to hire a 50+-year-old guy like me and Shirley's experience in real estate finances was of no value either.

Personally I made a decision that I wasn't going to back to work for anyone but me. This wasn't the first time a company's fortunes had changed and I was cast aside as a result. Taking control of my financial future became a priority even though it was obvious that it was going to be a long road back. I started a few different ventures between 2008 and 2010 but I didn't find what I was destined to do.

Shirley didn't have any success finding a job either. So I suggested that she start her own bookkeeping and accounting business. Which she did, and did well. She built that up over a couple of years to over 50 small business clients. I had joined her in 2011 to help her find some of these clients. There was only one problem. We still needed to earn more income and Shirley was maxed out with her time. She was already working 12 hours a day 6 and sometimes 7 days a week. Things continued to spiral downward for us. We couldn't make our $3,000+ per month mortgage payment and afford everything else it takes to live in San Diego.

Dale & Shirley of LifeStyleOver50 in St. Thomas
We love the Caribbean. The goal is to move there!

It was clear that I needed to find something quickly. But the prospects in that economy were not good. We thought long and hard and decided that perhaps we could develop some residual income by offering other services to Shirley's existing clients. During this search, Shirley had mentioned that a lot of her clients needed to improve their credit. I kept my eyes and ears open for that type of service and finally was exposed to an opportunity to start my own credit restoration business which we launched in 2012. Since then that business has helped right the ship and far more. Shirley joined me in that business part-time and then eventually shut down her accounting business to join me full time.

It was time for a fresh start so in 2014 we moved to Largo, FL, and love it here!  Part of loving it here is the far lower cost of living. As well, there are so many adventures to experience in Florida. The Gulf of Mexico is in our back yard. We walk and run to Indian Rocks Beach and back. The bike trails, rivers, and lakes provide a myriad of great day trips and weekend road trips. And yes, we write about our road trips and camping trips in LifeStyleOver50. This was the best move for us. It allowed us to catch our breath and regroup.


But the last 10 years hasn't come without its challenges either. I (Dale) was diagnosed with kidney cancer and had major surgery in 2017. In LifeStyleOver50, we share what we both went through before and just after the surgery. Then we'll tell you about the recovery that now has us both working out 6-7 days a week. It changed our priorities. It made us take a closer look at diet, exercise, lifestyle, the ratio between work and relaxation, traveling, and our daily and long term mindset.

Shirley will guide the ladies through her battle with menopause. Menopause affects 31 million working American women. And 2 million more each year. As men, we can't begin to know what our spouses, partners, and female friends go through. We can only be there to support them. Shirley has some great news for women as she has found a way to ease the symptoms and get herself out of the depression she was suffering due to menopause.


We had done well with our credit restoration business and won numerous awards. I was asked to train others that wanted to be in the same business. That experience led me to an opportunity to check out a new company in a completely different space that was looking for someone to train their people. So in March of 2018, I flew down to Dallas to see what this company was all about. We never put a deal together to train for that company but it did open my eyes to the possibility of having another part-time work from home business, another income stream to help with retirement.

Dale and Shirley of LifeStyleOver50
Being Recognized for Success in Our New Business

Shirley spent 2 years working with that company but recently (April 2020) has made a change to representing a more mature company with a much more extensive product line. So, that's where we are at the present time. We love what we do. We both work from home right down the hall from each other. And, we're making plans for slowing it all down and 'semi-retiring' in the Caribbean. I say semi-retiring because again, we love what we do! We control our schedule and take time off when we like. Both of our businesses produce residual income, and we can operate them from anywhere there is cell and internet service.

The recession had a devastating effect on us and millions of others. But ultimately it led us to where we are. The late Dr. Robert Schuller said, "Tough times never last. But tough people do." I guess we were tough enough. And, our marriage was strong enough. In fact, we are closer today than ever before. So, we bare it all to you in LifeStyleOver50 in hopes that if you are dealing with something similar, you will not feel alone. And perhaps we can share something that will help you through it.

Once again, welcome!

Dale & Shirley Guiducci

What LifeStyleOver50 Can Do For You

LifeStyleOver50 is just what the name says. A blog for those experiencing a changing lifestyle. People in their 50's have a newfound freedom. The kids are out on their own. It's a time to reflect on what we want the rest of our years to be. The possibilities are endless. And, money does not have to limit us. You'll find useful information about living healthy, wealthy (whatever that definition means to you), and happy. People come to LifeStyleOver50 to get our personal recommendations, read our story, follow our adventures, seek our advice, and get information on how we've managed to be able to work from home and work from anywhere!

On you will find:

If something with your body isn't quite right, it's a good idea to go to a doctor. Traditional medical practitioners are great diagnosticians. But what could we be doing on our own to support our body to prevent disease and rectify health issues when they arise? We have had our own health challenges which has led us to search for our own answers which we publish here.

How much do you know about the importance of gut health? Here you will learn how disease, that is affecting other parts of our body, more than likely started with gut health issues. And, you'll learn ways to reset your gut health and find simple organic recipes that will start and keep you on a path to optimum health.

When you hit 50 it isn't time to stop moving the body. On the contrary, it's time to get it and keep it moving. Here you'll find fun activities and simply at-home workouts that you can incorporate into your daily life. And, you can do them as a couple! Shirley and I workout together. We'll show you how you can have fun while keeping your body healthy and your mind happy!

Now that we have our newfound freedom from taxiing the kids around town, we have some time for ourselves. Time to get away and enjoy some sites and each other. But travel can be expensive. We're going to show you what we came up with to take that weekend getaway and day trip far more often and not dip into our retirement funds to do it.

We all want to be able to slow down and retire and live a lifestyle that we envisioned for ourselves. But can we? It's expensive to live while making an income, perhaps even 2, in a household. How can we live without that paycheck coming in? Shirley and I have found ways to retire and have an even better lifestyle that we envisioned and do it far earlier than we thought. We share those with you here.

Being able to get up in the morning, turn on the coffee machine, and walk 20 feet to our office is a dream come true for us. No commute, no boss, no schedule unless we make it. Here you're going to learn that there are a lot of ways that you can work from home and do something you're passionate about. You'll find full-time opportunities to replace a job, or part-time ventures that will simply add to a retirement fund and keep paying you after you retire. We're excited to share this with you!


After a few life-changing experiences, we’ve decided to make it our mission to slow it all down and semi-retire. We want to devote as much time to our health and happiness as we do building our wealth. Why? Well, as Shawn Anderson put it, “Now is our time. It's our time to chase rainbows and build castles in the sky. It's our time to create a life that we love. Because someday it will no longer be our time".

Now please don't think we’re these two business geniuses have multi-$million bank accounts. Trust me, we have had our challenges. In reality, we’re just two ordinary people who just want to make the most out of life. And, despite challenges have made a decision to find a way to make it all happen. We share here at LifeStyleOver50 all that with you with the hope that you can too.

Dale and Shirley LifeStyleOver50