If you have a chronic illness, you’re about to learn some alternative health solutions that can give you a plan of action and improve your outlook toward feeling yourself again. The characteristics of a chronic illness or disease is that it persists for 3 months or more. It generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured with medication. Nor does this type of illness just disappear.

Some of the More Common Chronic Illnesses

- Candidiasis from candida
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Leaky gut
- Hypothyroidism
- Swollen Lymph Nodes
- Prostatitis (enlarged prostate)
- Liver Issues
- High Blood Pressure

- Urinary and kidney issues
- Allergies
- Heartburn
- Chronic fatigue
- Fibromyalgia
- Eczema
- Pancreas problems
- Diabetes

When turning to traditional western medicine for any of these and other chronic illnesses, someone typically will experience one of three outcomes.

  • The first is that no diagnosis, or an incorrect diagnosis is made.
  • The second is that the proper diagnosis is made but the treatment prescribed doesn’t help.
  • The third is that the proper diagnosis is made, and the treatment is successful in mitigating the symptoms of the disease but is not a cure. Therefore, the patient is on medication(s) indefinitely that may have harmful or unpleasant side effects.

Chronic Illness in America

The fact is that by the year 2020, that’s next year as of this publication of this article, 47% of the population in the U.S., or 157 million people, will have some type of a chronic illness. For people over 65, the number rises to 88%. Going back to the definition of chronic illness that means long term, no medications can cure it, and it just doesn’t disappear on its own. A grim outlook for sure. There certainly is a need for alternative health solutions for chronic illness and chronic disease.

Meet Derek Henry – Holistic Health Coach and Natural Healer

Derek Henry’s story is amazing. This man became extremely ill at age 30 with 13 chronic conditions for which conventional medicine was not finding answers. For over 5 years he researched alternative health solutions.  He came up with a completely natural and holistic approach of healing himself of all these chronic conditions. These conditions included candidiasis, rheumatoid arthritis, leaky gut, hypothyroid, swollen lymph nodes, prostatitis, liver issues, urinary and kidney issues, allergies, heartburn, chronic fatigue (no wonder), eczema, and pancreas problems.

Derek Henry - Healing the Body

“As a result of this one in a million self-directed health transformation, I deeply felt that this life-saving information had to get into the hands of those who truly wanted to change their health for the better. I needed to help people understand that a healthy life is right under their nose, and that healing is not as complicated as it may appear.” - Derek Henry

“I started by educating the world through over 500 natural health articles, that have been featured on popular health websites such as Natural News, Healthy Holistic Living, Underground Health, Real Farmacy, Natural Cures Not Medicine, and more.”

The THRIVE Lifestyle Academy

Derek’s mission is to help people gain the knowledge and support to resolve their persistent health problems. To date, the THRIVE Online Health Program & Lifestyle Academy has helped people cumulatively mitigate and reverse 20 different chronic health conditions. “It’s time we took full responsibility for our health, and learn how to not just survive, but THRIVE.”

THRIVE Online Health Program & Lifestyle Academy
Our Firsthand Experience

In the last 10 years, we have met with many holistic health practitioners and health coaches trying to learn a natural path to optimal wellness. Each, it seemed, had their own specialty. None had a grasp on wellness as a whole. It was like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Often times opinions and concepts conflicted. It was confusing and overwhelming. Then we met Derek Henry. Derek Henry has discovered the keys to health and developed a very simple and logical path to follow. Watch this video to learn about our experience with Derek Henry and the THRIVE Online Health Program.

Alternative Health Solutions

Meet just a handful of people from all over North America that have worked with Derek Henry and the THRIVE Online Health Program.

Hormones, Thyroid, Skin, Energy, Brain Capacity

“I joined the THRIVE Health Program because my normal approach to my health which had worked so well for me for years stopped being as effective as I wanted it to be.

Since I started with THRIVE-

  • My weight is down 10lbs with no fluctuations up and down like I used to.
  • I have energy and brain capacity for a massive increase in work demand (I own two businesses).
  • I am the happiest I've been in over a year. I knew confidently which supplements to reach for to give that extra support I needed when I was planning my wedding and things got stressful.
  • I have created some amazing healthy habits that have stayed permanent. I have no cravings for sugar (a miracle!).
  • I eliminated a large skin tag I have had for the last 2 years. My skin is glowing and has never stopped.
  • And, my hormones and thyroid have balanced out.

I am so glad I made the investment! Derek is a wealth of information and maybe the best source of supplement recommendations I’ve ever come across. His expertise is invaluable!” - Courtney C., Los Angeles, CA

Discover the THRIVE Online Health Program

Are you contemplating a plant-based lifestyle?

Learn about the Pro's and Con's and a "must watch" documentary

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“I was diagnosed with IBS at a younger age and always had issues with digestion but I ate “healthy” (or so I thought). The first thing I noticed when I started the THRIVE Health Program was the weight started to fall off, and one day I noticed my energy was coming back. I wasn’t as tired and I wasn’t having my mid-day crashes at work anymore.

By the end of the first month, I have my first round of PMS, which is usually a battle but not that month or anything since then! I was able to get through an entire menstrual cycle without the use of any pain meds, and it had some regularity to it, which was completely abnormal for me.

My bloating has gone away and my IBS symptoms have begun to slowly improve. I sleep better at night and have lost about 12 lbs, and what I really love is that my kids are following some of the same protocol!

Thanks, Derek for all that you have done for me!” -Michelle B., Regina, SK, Canada

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“Over the last 10+ years, I have consulted with and spent thousands of dollars on doctors and specialists seeking help with numerous health issues such as weight gain and weight loss resistance, digestive issues, GERD, acid reflux, heartburn, pancreatitis, rosacea, skin itching, fatigue, migraines and all over body pain, among other issues. I never received help that resulted in any level of healing.

After a short period of time on the THRIVE Health Program, my heartburn, acid reflux and GERD were all gone and I was able to eliminate the 4 daily medications I was taking for the issue.

Not long after that, my rosacea cleared up and now I have clear, normal skin.

Derek has also been able to help me significantly reduce pancreas attacks, and has given me natural protocols to overcome UTI's, migraines, and oral health issues.

I am so grateful for the many positive results I’ve experienced so far. Thanks, Derek!” - Jadine K., Jacksonville, TN

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Derek Henry teaches how to "restore gut health"

Get a preview of the diet that will heal your digestive system


“When I started the THRIVE Health Program, I had excruciating pain in my thumbs and wrists and some of my fingers. I went to my family doctor, and he put me on naproxen for the pain.

Shortly after, my left leg and knee doubled in size. I saw a specialist and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune condition). I was put on prescription medications and my hair began to fall out at an alarming rate.

After a few drug changes and still no real results, I reached out to Derek Henry to try his THRIVE Program. I have to say that was the BEST thing I have ever done!!

Two weeks into the program my knee was down to normal size. Approximately three to four weeks I was off blood pressure medication and the arthritis meds were reduced! Two months ago I became medication free!

If you have any health issues, Derek is your man. Thanks so much, Derek. Your program is amazing!!” - Darlene A., Indian Head, SK, Canada

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