If you’re in the market for a portable or space heater for camping, it’s likely because you do tent camping or you have a pop-up camper as we do. But there may be other reasons that you’re looking for a portable heater for camping. Such as that someone may sleep in another area in your RV and like it warmer or cooler at night than you do. A portable heater for camping is an inexpensive solution for whatever your needs are. And please note that the heaters we recommend are also great for the home.

The first thing to know when looking for a portable or space heater for camping is that they are fueled in one of 3 ways. Kerosene, propane, or electricity. We will put links below to descriptions of both kerosene and propane-fueled heaters below. But here we are going to share the best portable heaters for camping that run on electricity.

If you like to do primitive camping, then click on the links for kerosene and propane-fueled heaters. But if you do tent camping at campgrounds, you’ll be able to use an electric heater by plugging into the source at the campsite. But you will have to pay attention to the length of the cord on the heater and pitch your tent close enough to the source.

The Best Portable Heater for Camping – 3 Choices

After doing our research with a focus on our budget, here is the portable heater for camping in our pop up camper that we purchased:

Here’s What We Love About This Heater-

  • Heat is Disbursed in All Directions (360 degrees)
  • 1500 Watts Heated Our Entire Pop Up All Night Long Even While Below 50 Degrees Outside
  • It’s Quiet
  • 2 Settings (Low and High blower)
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • A Tip-Over Switch which is especially important for tent camping
  • An Auto-Off Timer
  • Cool to the Touch Even While the Heater is On
  • 8 Foot Cord (Important for Tent Campers)

Here’s What We Don’t Love About This Heater-

In our opinion, this heater is not meant for use everyday long-term. We can see that it wouldn’t stand up to daily use over an extended period of time. But for the money, it’s a great portable heater for camping.

A Bit More Expensive But Here’s Why We Like This Heater:

  • It’s a Ceramic Heater which will typically last longer
  • It has Settings for High Heat (1500 Watts), Low Heat (1000 Watts), and Fan Only for circulating air
  • Thermostat for consistent heat temperature
  • Tip-Over Switch for Safety

Here’s What We Don’t Like:

  • It only blows heat in one direction
  • The cord is only approximately 4 feet long which is half of the length of the Honeywell 360 that we bought.

This Option is About the Same Price as the Honeywell 360 Degree that we Bought. Here’s Why We Like It:

  • It’s ceramic which typically means it will take more constant use
  • It’s quiet (45 dB)
  • Over Heating Protection and a Tip-Over Switch
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • It has Settings for High Heat (1200 Watts), Low Heat (600 Watts), and Fan Only for circulating air

Here’s What We Don’t Like

  • It’s only 1200 Watts vs 1500
  • It does oscillate from side to side but not 360 degrees
  • The cord is 6 feet long which is longer than the Opolar 1500 but not as long as the Honeywell 360 that we bought.
  • In the title of the description, it states for “Camping”. But in the body of the description, it only mentions in-home use. That is fine for inside a popup camper or RV but this may not be the best choice for tent camping.

Our Conclusion

You can certainly find many choices for a portable space heater for camping. But if you’re tent camping and want to use the electric power source at the campground you have to have a long cord. Many manufacturers, and perhaps all, warn against using an extension cord.

We are very happy with our Honeywell 360 portable heater. It’s priced right and dependable enough to use during camping trips. It blows warm air throughout our camper and is quiet.

DISCLOSURE & DISCLAIMER: Our Product Suggestion and Product Review Disclaimer: We will not be held liable for any misuse, injury, loss of life, damage, or loss of any property from the use of any products listed in this blog. It is the responsibility of the consumer/user to read and understand the manufacturer's instructions before operating. The use of unauthorized accessories/attachments with any of these heaters are expressly prohibited, may cause serious injury, and will void warranties. Keep children and pets away from all portable heaters and/or heat sources. Never leave heater(s) unattended. Unplug any heater when not in use. Do not operate near water sources. We do not recommend plugging space heaters into extension cords or ‘power bricks’ unless clearly stated in the manufacturer’s owner's manual. You must adhere to applicable state codes. Be sure you purchase the correct one in accordance with your state’s requirements.

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