Day & Weekend Trips

Day and Weekend Trips

Since moving to Florida 6 years ago, we’ve also taken day and weekend (and longer) trips outside of Florida. That’s what you’ll find in this section of our blog. The entire southeastern part of the United States is so diverse. From all the varied ecosystems you’ll find in Florida, to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and more.

Columbus, NC

We took an incredible 5-week trip to North Carolina in the summer of 2019. The music, mountains, hiking, biking, and kayaking were amazing. Be sure to read all about our North Carolina adventure at Columbus, NC – An Awesome Location for an Epic Vacation.

Charleston, SC

Another perfect weekend road trip destination is Charleston, SC. We had an amazing 3 days there that you can read about at A Memorable Weekend in Charleston, SC.

New York City

If you love New York and want to spend a weekend there, I write about visiting our kids that both live in Manhattan and trying to keep up while Running With My Son in Central Park.

Day and Weekend Trips Keep It Affordable

The older Shirley and I get the more we value traveling. But we realize that we need to be conscious of the type of traveling that we do because we want to fully retire soon. So we’ve found that taking day and weekend trips is a great way to have fun but keep the cost down. This allows us to take even more trips!

We hope that you enjoy reading about our trips outside of Florida. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to pack a suitcase, fill up the tank, and hit the road!