Camping Trips

Camping Trips and Camping Reviews

Going on a weekend or week-long camping trip is a great way to get away without breaking the bank. We have found that we can take trips more often and experience everything that camping and nature have to offer.

We live in Florida so there are a variety of ecosystems we can visit from the coast to the everglades, dense forests, and crystal clear springs. There are over 50 state parks with campgrounds in Florida. Add to that the national parks and county campgrounds. We could go on camping trips every week for years and still not see it all.

What about your state or region of the country? When you really start exploring the different places you can go and experience, the hardest part becomes choosing where to go first.

Florida Camping Reviews

While we’re on one of our camping trips, our focus is to record what we see and do and bring it home to you via this blog. We’ll share the best or not so best parts of each place that we camp. You’ll learn the best and worst campsites in that campground, the quality of the facilities, and what there is to do inside and outside the campground.

Camping is Visual

Going on camping trips is a very visual experience. It’s time to slow down and really notice your surroundings. Animals you encounter, the trees, vegetation, waterways, and trails all offer something that you don’t get to see every day. We add a lot of photos in our reviews to try and give you the best feel for that campground that we can. In addition, we do a video. Sometimes that video is on-site at the campground. 

Thanks for stopping by. Our hope is that you’ll find this information valuable and that it will help you decide to get out there more and experience what our beautiful country has to offer.

Enjoy your camping trips!