Health Over 50

health over 50


If you’re over 50 like we are, can you think of anything more important than your health? You might say your children and your grandchildren. Or, you might say having enough money to retire comfortably. Family and money are important too. But if you don’t have good health over 50, and are constantly nursing ailments and visiting doctors, you won’t be able to enjoy either your family or your money as much anyway.

How to Attain Optimal Health Over 50

Our current health condition is the sum of our genetics, our environment, and the care we’ve given ourselves to this point in our lives. We certainly can’t change our genetics. But we can alter the effects that our genetics on our current health but amping up the care we take of ourselves now. It is not too late. Trust me when I say that. My genetics has certainly been a challenge for me. But with proper focus and doing the right things for ourselves we can alter its effects. In our featured article, Optimal Health Over 50, we cover it all. From diet to daily exercise to fun activities and mental health that keep us healthier and happier.

Our Greatest Challenge – Do You Accept It?

Being healthy and disease-free for as long as we can is our greatest challenge. We’re fighting a losing battle. We all know that. Some will give up the battle too soon and become old before their time. But fighting the battle with gusto does so much for us both physically and mentally. And, it can be fun! Isn’t a big part of being older and perhaps having more time the opportunity to have fun? We certainly think so.  We’ve accepted the challenge and provide you with articles about how we and many others are fighting the good fight and having a great time while doing so.

Health Over 50 Is About Being Sensible

Having good health as we get older isn’t about being strict about your diet necessarily or running 5 miles every day. You can maintain your health and stay off of prescription medications by eating sensibly and doing some form of activity every day, or as near every day as possible. Eating sensibly may be cutting back on red meat and adding some greens to every meal. A daily activity might mean getting up a bit earlier and going for a 2 to 3-mile walk each day.  It’s not about being miserable. It’s about getting the sense of doing something good for yourself every day. And, now and again, enjoying a few cocktails if you want. This section of LifeStyle Over 50 will give you lots of ideas and suggestions on how you can make a few changes that will help you enjoy your 50s, 60’s and beyond a whole lot more.