Diet and Meals

diet and meals

We were told when we were young that eating right was important for us to grow up to be healthy and happy. That was true. But eating a healthy diet after we turn 50 may even be more important. When we’re young the body is operating at a much higher capacity and efficiency. However, as we age we naturally produce less of many important elements to our health which leads to aging. That is why paying attention to our diet and meals now is critical to living an energetic and fulfilling life free of constant medical tests and doctor visits.

A Plant-based Focus

There is just too much information in the form of documented studies on the detriment of eating too much red meat, high quantities of protein, and the benefits of plants in the diet to be ignored. Whether you’re some form of vegetarian, vegan, or someone that just wants to adjust their diet to include more plant-based foods, you’ll love our articles. Most would classify us as pescatarians. We primarily eat only a plant-based diet but on occasion eat fish. We live on the Gulf Coast of Florida so it’s very difficult to not desire some fresh fish once a month or so.

Healthy Recipes

In this Diet and Meals section of LifeStyle Over 50, you’ll find loads of articles on a plant-based diet. It includes information on overcoming some of what people believe to be downsides to eating plant-based. And, you’ll find many healthy recipes. Some of which we were given by a holistic healer and naturopath we work with. And, some of which Shirley conjured up on her own. We highly recommend you check out these recipes by hovering over Health Over 50 on the main menu.

Optimal Health

The key is optimal health. That doesn’t mean that we are immune to sickness or won’t show any signs of aging. Aging is a natural process that no woman or man that has ever lived was able to avoid. We have drunk from the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine Florida but I certainly can’t honestly say it slowed down our aging. But having optimal health in our 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond is simply about being as healthy as we can be. It’s about staying off prescription medications. It’s about waking up in the morning and having the energy and vitality to live a full and rewarding life. Here’s to Your Health!