Healthy Recipes

healthy recipes

Throughout the 25+ years that Shirley and I have been together we have eaten what I consider to be “fairly” healthy. We both grew up in New England and like people in many other areas, we most often had meat included in each meal.  As we’ve gotten older and wiser we ate more white meat than red. Then something happened which is why Shirley now cooks with these and other healthy recipes.

Cancer is a Big Wake Up Call

Then in late 2017, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I had what is called a radical nephrectomy and my kidney was removed along with a sizable tumor. As I’m writing this it’s been 33 months since the surgery and I am cancer-free. But coming out of that experience at age 60, and wanting to live a lot more years, we made the decision to change some things. One of those things was our diet.

Changing to a Plant-based Diet

Here’s what I believe most people that are not on a plant-based diet think about a plant-based diet. They think it’s unnecessary in order to be healthy. They think it’s unhealthy because you can’t get enough protein. Or, they think it will be very difficult not to eat meat. Or, a combination of all 3. Are some people healthy well into their 90’s eating meat every day? Yes. But statistically not as many as those who don’t eat meat every day. Eating the right plant-based foods gives you plenty of protein and all the essential amino acids. It just takes some homework to learn the right plants for this purpose. We give you that information in Overcoming the Downside to a Plant-Based Diet.

Healthy Recipes

Here’s the biggest key for many about switching to a plant-based diet. With just a bit of an open mind, and learning a different way of cooking, you won’t miss eating meat at all. At least we don’t. Nor do many people that we know that eat plant-based. Part of learning how to have optimal health as we age is learning how to better take care of our bodies. The familiar saying, “it hasn’t killed me yet”, means just that. Not yet. But why chance it? Why not realize that we can’t live forever but we can live healthy and happy with just a few adjustments. Enjoy these Healthy Recipes. Many of them were furnished by Shirley. Many others were given to us by our good friend, holistic healer, and naturopath, Derek Henry.