Fitness & Activities

Fitness & Activities

We’ve adopted the motto, “keep it movin'”. Fitness and Activities in our 50s and beyond is simply about adopting a mindset of staying active. And, not allowing the natural messages coming from our body as we age to dictate our level of activity. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to what our body is telling us such as aches and pains. But when we get aches and pains we should realize that in many cases it’s because we are not active enough.

Send a Signal to Your Body

As we age our bodies tend to produce less of many of the elements that it did when we were young such as hormones, cartilage, and more. If we are less active or not active at all, it will be a sign to our body to produce even less. But if we eat a healthy diet and signal to our body to produce more good stuff through being active, it can help stave off the need for arthritis, high blood pressure, and other medications.

Physical Activity is Good for Mental Health Too!

Plus being active is a blast! There are so many activities that we can do far into our later years. We don’t have to be former college athletes to enjoy some fun and healthy activities. But if you used to be an athlete now may be a good time to make your body go into recall mode. We have an article about the book, Younger Next Year, called, How to Restore Vitality Over 50 and Beyond, that we highly recommend that you read. Go hiking. Buy some bikes and exercise while you see the world like you did when you were a kid. Faster than walking but slow enough to really observe life around you. We even bought some blow-up kayaks! When you get into activities like this it gives you something to truly look forward to.

How to Get Back in Shape at 50 Plus

Our cornerstone article for Fitness and Activities is a great read for anyone that appreciates the health benefits of “keeping it movin’. It’s for people that haven’t had the time or inclination to be active at all for quite some time. And, it’s for those of us that love being active and that maybe have more time or know we need to make more time for ourselves. After having kidney cancer in late 2017 I most definitely needed to get back in shape. How to Get Back in Shape at 50 Plus was a labor of love for my own body. At the time, I desperately needed to feel strong and vibrant again. My recovery became the basis for this article.

Keep It Movin’

We hope that you enjoy this section of our blog and that you get a lot of valuable information from it. As we continue our journey into our later years we will continue to “keep it movin'” as much as possible and share our experiences with you.