If you love coffee and are looking for a home-based business, this article will share an opportunity well worth your time to research. We’re going to introduce you to a company called Elepreneurs, and their parent company, Elevacity. And, we’ll give you 3 reasons why this coffee home business opportunity really rocks!

Please note - We are Independent Elepreneur Distributors. The opinions and information expressed herein are our own and do not necessarily represent that of Elepreneurs or Elevacity®, "the Company".

Reason #1- The Products

Elevacity is a company out of Plano, TX that, amongst other business ventures, manufactures and distributes the most unique and health-changing coffee products on the market. Elevate Coffee is what started it all, and what makes this the best coffee business opportunity.

Elevate Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee grown at a high altitude in Columbia and roasted at the source. But it really isn’t the coffee itself that makes Elevate Coffee so special. If you refer to the ingredients list below, you’ll see some that you’ve never seen in a coffee blend before. It’s the all-natural nootropics that are infused into the coffee that has been changing lives.

Elevate Smart Coffee Ingredients

The nootropics work with the body to release more dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These hormones are considered the “happy hormones”. When people drink Elevate Coffee, they feel happier. That’s why Elevate is often called, “Happy Coffee”.  Generally, people have an elevated mood, more focus, more energy, and cravings for carbohydrates are curbed often resulting in weight loss. Therefore, Elepreneurs is also a healthy coffee business opportunity.

And here’s a major key from a distributor’s perspective. People feel the results usually within 20 minutes! Have you ever sold or marketed a product where the benefit of that product can be felt almost immediately? Think about it. You let someone sample the coffee while you’re with them, and their mood changes right then and there! That’s not a difficult sale to make…

The Newest Additions to the Product Line

The newest addition to the coffee line is Elevate Nitro. Elevate Nitro produces similar results but also contains a vasodilator that opens blood vessels in the body. This can result is lower blood pressure and all the benefits from better blood flow throughout the body.

Elevate Zest, called “Happy Lemonade” was recently introduced with the same nootropics and benefits produced by the coffee without the caffeine.

Choclevate is a chocolate drink with again, the same nootropics and only the caffeine contained in chocolate. Choclevate can be enjoyed hot or cold. It can be mixed into a daily shake. People have even come up with their own recipes for using Choclevate in all sorts of ways.

Learn About Choclevate

The Healthy & Smart Alternative to Hot Chocolate

There is one more hormone, oxytocin, called the “love hormone”. You can get oxytocin by combining any of the Elevacity beverages described above with Xanthomax. Xanthomax is a capsule that contains Xanthohumol from the flower of the hops plant. Xanthohumol is the only natural substance that will help increase the level of oxytocin in our body.

When you combine anyone of the Elevate beverages mentioned above with Xanthomax, it gives you D.O.S.E. (DOPAMINE, OXYTOCIN, SEROTONIN & ENDORPHINS)

Coffee Home Business Opportunity

Testimonials - There are literally thousands...

"5 years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and my world went downhill from there. Between the body fatigue and joint swelling, the sickness from the medications, the pure exhaustion, weight gain, and heightened seasonal depression...I ended up at my end. I reached out to Shirley Guiducci for her advice. She is a trusted sister-friend. During our conversation, she asked if I would try "Happy Coffee". As skeptical as I was I ordered a month's supply.

Here is where my story changes…about 2 weeks into the month my life made a seismic shift. At first, it was the energy and clarity. I could concentrate at work and have energy left for walking the dog and being out at the barn. And, I could stay up past 8:15?! What?! After 3 weeks of walking the dog further and further, I found I was up for 3-4 miles a day. I started jogging a little and now I am up to running! My energy level is unbelievable. I am HAPPY!" - Michelle Danelle - Minnesota

“Prior to getting started on our smart/happy coffee, I HATED coffee. I had anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, pain in my body, numbness in my torso, adult ADD diagnosis, and a multiple sclerosis diagnosis with the many symptoms that came with it!

Once I tried our happy smart coffee with our little capsule that goes with it, NOT ONLY DID I LOVE THE TASTE but I felt AMAZING! All the pain left my body, I had phenomenal energy again, I had clarity and focus in my mind, the feeling in my body came back, the anxiety and depression completely left. I finally felt happy and that I had my life back again!" - Jackie Tietjen

"Here's my testimony. High blood pressure runs in my family. Two grandparents have died from strokes earlier in the years. I exercise and I tried eating healthy, yes it helped, but it was still a little high. By the third week of taking Xanthomax and having just one cup of Smart Coffee, I now have normal blood pressure. No need to take my blood pressure medicine anymore." -Chad Gallagher - North Carolina

Reason #2- The People & Culture

Have you ever been around a group of people and just feel like you belong? That these people get you, and you get them? That they have the same aspirations of not only being happy themselves but helping others have more happiness as well? That’s Elepreneurs!

Elepreneurs is the group of independent distributors with a home-based coffee business that markets the Elevacity products. Primarily they are home-based entrepreneurs will a collective goal of elevating others with more and better health, more wealth, and more happiness.

The culture of Elepreneurs is built from the top-down as with any organization. The core fundamental of Elepreneurs is to change the direct selling industry by having a different culture among its distributors. Yes, distributors need to make money in their business but it’s about putting others first. It’s about getting the products in the hands of people and changing their lives with better health. It’s about showing people how they can very simply and easily earn an extra few hundred dollars a month by just sharing the products.  For those that want a full-time career, it’s about showing a lot of people how they can earn income by sharing the products. If people have better health and achieve their income goals, they can have more happiness in their life. This makes Elepreneurs a very unique coffee business model.

Keith Halls, President

Keith Halls is the President of Elepreneurs. He has a unique background in that he was one of the original founders of industry icon, NuSkin. And, he also has been a very successful distributor as well. This experience gives Keith a perspective on the industry that allows him to run a major company and also appreciate and understand what the independent distributors need.

Coffee Home Business Opportunity Keith Halls- Elepreneurs President
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Coffee Home BUsiness Opportunity Garrett and Sylvia McGrath-Dale and Shirley Guiducci
Dale Guiducci, Sylvia McGrath, Shirley Guiducci, Garrett McGrath

Garrett & Sylvia McGrath, Chief Impact & Chief Experience Officers

Have you ever worked with a company that has had a Chief Impact Officer or a Chief Experience Officer? Exactly. Their job is to have an impact and create a great experience for our distributors. Garrett and Sylvia McGrath are industry veterans with 55 years of combined experience building organizations in the direct selling industry.

Their role is to be the liaison between the independent distributors in the field and the corporate office. Garrett was the President of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals for 10 years giving him exposure to virtually every company in the industry and an understanding of what works for distributors, and what doesn’t.

Mark & Judy Willodson

Two of the most successful distributors in the industry today are Mark and Judy Willodson. They are the top producers and money earners with Elepreneurs. Just in case you want to know if you can make a lot of money with Elepreneurs, Mark and Judy currently rank as the #17 money earners in the entire industry.

They not only chose Elepreneurs as their coffee home business opportunity, but they have also built it in a huge way. They bring a personality of love and support to the field and demonstrate that with spending countless hours with distributors at events and while at home in Florida.

Coffee Home Business Opportunity Judy Willodson and Shirley Guiducci
Judy Willodson, Shirley Guiducci

Reason #3- Professionalism and Support

Elepreneurs has attracted some of the top people in the direct selling industry to this coffee home business opportunity for the reasons mentioned above. My wife Shirley Guiducci is one of those people. Yes, I’m going to do a little bragging on my wife here. If you’re looking for leadership, support, and someone you can count on to guide you properly, this is your girl.

Shirley started in the direct selling industry in the early 90’s. After a hiatus from the industry, she became a top producer and award winner in FES from 2012 to 2018. Then after seeing Elepreneurs, experiencing the products, and feeling the culture, she became an Elepreneur and began her coffee MLM business.

Shirley Guiducci - Elepreneurs Leader
Shirley Guiducci- Support, Leadership, Professionalism

Shirley’s attention to detail and expertise has allowed her to build a marketing and training system for her team unlike anything else in the industry. This system allows anyone to introduce these incredible products to people and plug them into information about the products without having to be a product expert. This system also provides information on the business opportunity so that distributors don’t have to be an expert there either. Best of all, it allows for very simple duplication as every new distributor is immediately involved and a part of this system.

In addition, Shirley has created a series of Saturday training sessions involving others on her team. And she is available and loves to speak to anyone on her team to provide them with support and guidance. She loves to share with her distributors how to start a coffee business from home.

If you are looking for guidance and support with starting a coffee business to earn just a few hundred extra dollars a month, or if you are interested in building a full-time career with Elepreneurs, Shirley Guiducci is the mentor you want to work with.

She has a huge heart for helping others and will believe in you, perhaps more than you believe in yourself.

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