Couples working together to build a business can be very powerful, very fun, and attract a lot of people to your business. Many however would never think to work with their spouse or life partner because they get enough of that person around the house. It very much depends on your relationship prior to working and living pretty much 24/7 together.

However, as a study documented in a article stated, "spouses (or life partners) connected by work can provide each other with a unique form of support, making them happier at home and more productive on the job."

Mutual Respect is the Key

Is your partner your best friend? Do you respect your partner for their business knowledge and what they can bring to a business venture? Would you say that you have high respect for them in general? Do they have strengths that you don’t have? Do you have strengths that they don’t have? Is each partner OK with letting go of a task, or learning from the other partner a task at which the other is better? And, here’s one that’s maybe most important. How do you handle disagreements now? Do you resolve those disagreements in a respectful way and let go of the conflict quickly? Or, do you let emotions and past conflicts enter into it making for a long makeup period? Couples working together, or that want to, should sit down together and discuss all of this before entering a business venture together.

I have high respect for women in general and very much enjoy working with women. I think women bring a lot to the table that men typically don’t. But my wife Shirley Guiducci, in addition to being a woman, has skills and talents that compliment my own. Shirley and I met while working together in the network marketing industry in 1994. We left the industry a few years later and have always had a desire to collaborate again. I always felt that if I could pick anyone to work right alongside, it would be her.

Couples Working Together Can Be Powerful

We got that chance in 2012. It came in the field of network marketing once again. We didn’t know it at the time but couples working together in network marketing can be very powerful from two standpoints. Network marketing, as we discuss often, requires a wide range of skills. For one person to have all these skills coming into it is unique. Two people have a better chance of being proficient in more of these skills. This is where it’s important to recognize each other’s strengths and let go of what the other is better suited to do.

Your Partner May Relate to Someone Better Than You Do

The biggest one is relationship skills, or how you relate to certain other personalities. As you may realize in your own relationship, your spouse or partner may relate better to a certain personality type than you do. In the business of network marketing that’s perfect! Let each person work with the personality type they better get on with until the other partner learns how. And yes, you can learn how!

People Admire Couples That Work Together

The other key which came as a surprise and an added benefit is that people admire couples working together. Many wish their spouse did work with them or supported their business more. When they see a couple working well together there is an attraction to wanting to work with them. They too recognize in our case, that we both bring strengths to the business and the relationship with them. We've become known as “a Power Couple”. Partly because of the success we've had but also because people knew we were equal partners, both devoting full time to our business.

Ensure that Your Spouse or Partner Has a Great Business After You're Gone

After 8+ years as a couple working together, and devoting ourselves to training and learning network marketing at a very high level, we work pretty seamlessly side by side. Shirley can take care of all aspects of our business if she had to do it without me. And, so can I although I could never imagine her not part of what I’m doing personally or professionally. By building a business and learning together you can ensure your partner or spouse has a lucrative business should something happen to you. This is incredibly important to me.

Stay Focused on the End Game

Couples working together can be magic if they both keep focused on the end result versus letting ego and emotions get in the way. We’ve been very successful at doing this and would be willing to discuss this with you and your partner/spouse if you’re contemplating working together. Or, perhaps you are now working together and have hit some bumps in the road. Please know that we are not marriage or relationship counselors. But we can provide you with guidance on making things better and helping you become that power couple.

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