In just the last two years, Elevacity, Inc. has become known for its line of nootropic-infused beverages that enhance weight loss, energy, and mood. Their coffees are known as “Happy Coffee”, and their Elevate Zest™ is called “Happy Lemonade”. Now, for those that don’t like the taste of coffee, there is ElevaciTea™ Vanilla Chai Tea, the world’s first nootropic happy tea.

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A Great Tasting Vanilla Chai Nootropic Happy Tea

As with all their beverages they have infused a great tasting Vanilla Chai with nootropics. Nootropics are all-natural ingredients that elevate your sense of well-being and happiness by helping your body to naturally release happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. The Elevacity functional beverages help you gain greater clarity, focus, and mood. They also “hack” your hunger cravings by satisfying your brain without the need for “comfort foods”.

ElevaciTea™ is a weight managing, mood-enhancing, nootropic happy tea. One scoop of ElevaciTeaTM in hot water or make into an Iced Vanilla Chai tea.

ElevaciTea™ has a creamy “Latte-like” consistency and flavor.

Comments from some of the taste testers...

“I LOVED it! The taste is amazing, and I feel the effects!”

“The Appetite Suppression is On-Point”

“Gave me Productive Energy”

30 Day Supply - $55.00

A 30-day, No-Hassle,
Money-Back Guarantee!

Directions: Mix 1 scoop with 4-8 oz cold or hot water. Shake canister before each use. Contains 60mg of caffeine per serving.

Released for Pre-Sale!

ElevaciTea™ has been released for pre-sale as of February 17, 2020, in a limited quantity. To check if ElevaciTea™ is available for pre-order right now visit our Elevacity Products Home Page at All orders for ElevaciTea™ at this time will not ship until the beginning of March.


If the ElevaciTea™ Pre-Order has sold out, simply fill out the form below to get on the Waiting List. We will contact you by phone and email once ElevaciTea™ is available for purchase.

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