By now you’ve perhaps heard of Elevate Smart Coffee or Happy Coffee. It’s a brilliant idea that uses coffee, which 107 million Americans drink every day, as a delivery system for natural ingredients called nootropics. Some of the benefits of these specific natural nootropics in Elevate Coffee are more sustained energy, better clarity, focus, curbed cravings, and an elevated mood. That’s great if you love coffee. But even if you do, you’re most likely not going to drink coffee all day. So, what could you drink all day that gave you the same benefits? How about lemonade? Let’s take the same or similar nootropics and put them in a blend that you can add to water to create a happy lemonade or smart lemonade that you can drink all day. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s look further into this new lemonade drink and do an Elevate Zest Review.

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7.6 lbs in a week!

"This past week I have been doing two drinks a day in different combinations. After being stalled and then gaining weight on my vacation....BAM!! No exercise the last week. Lost 7.6 lbs by doing two drinks a day & drinking at least 1/2 my body weight in water! I'm so excited!!" -Erin N. M.

Lost 7.6 lbs in a week
Elevate Zest tastes great

Tastes Great, More Energy

"Just had the new Elevate Zest. Wow, is it good! Tastes great and hits the spot. Already feel like I have a boost to my step!" -Tim H.

Elevate Zest Benefits

  • Ingredients like PEA, L-Theanine, and A-GPC (also found in the Elevate Smart Coffee blend) will help your body release the happy hormones such as Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins for more sustained energy, elevated mood, more clarity, and focus. Many also have curbed cravings and experience weight loss. See the testimonials.
  • Because you receive the same effect as the Elevate Coffee people are calling Elevate Zest, ‘smart lemonade’ and ‘happy lemonade’.
  • Take it with you wherever you go. Add it to a water bottle, shake and drink. Great for going to the gym, the office, a road trip and more.
  • Most people do not drink enough water every day. By drinking Elevate Zest (smart lemonade) throughout the day your body is more hydrated.

Ways to Drink Zest Lemonade

Elevate Zest lemonade comes in a tub containing 30 servings for the month. The label will instruct you to use 1 scoop (5g) and mix it into 4-8 oz of cold water. Personally, I found that the taste was too strong at this amount. So, I tried ½ scoop in 16 oz or more of water and liked the taste much better. Using Zest Lemonade this way will allow you to drink it all day or will stretch your tub of Elevate Zest out further than just 30 days. It’s best to mix Elevate Zest in a bottle or shaker instead of just stirring. It’s that simple. No heating water, no prep work. Just mix, shake and drink!

Since the release of this new happy lemonade (Elevate Zest drink) people have come up with all sorts of ways of drinking Zest. Here are just some of the ways people are using Elevate Zest happy lemonade.

  • Flavor additives like True Raspberry or True Black Cherry to change it to your favorite flavor or simply to add variety.
  • Pour hot water into a scoop of Elevate happy lemonade to make a nice lemon tea.
  • Add Zest to iced tea or your favorite drink.
  • Give a twist to your favorite adult beverages. Add Zest to Tito’s Vodka and water or soda to get the benefits while enjoying the evening.
Elevate Coffee or Elevate Zest, with XanthoMax is D.O.S.E

Smart Lemonade Pro's and Con's

Elevate Zest Pro's

  • Receive the benefits of Elevate Happy Coffee without drinking coffee.
  • Reduces the caffeine level from drinking coffee (40 mg vs 120 mg).
  • It provides 50% of the Niacin (Vitamin B3) we need each day.
  • Easy to mix, use and drink. Take it with you anywhere you go.
  • You can easily adjust the quantity, use additives, or add it to your favorite beverage to adjust the flavor.
  • Now have better hydration with something that makes water taste great!

Elevate Zest Con's

  • We both experienced that the flavor was too strong when following the directions on the label. So, we had to try it in different quantities to come up with the taste that we liked.
  • Unless people understand the benefits received from drinking Elevate Zest, they may not be willing to pay $55.00 a month for lemonade. However, as mentioned above, you can easily stretch it to 2 or more months by adjusting the quantity per serving.

Ready to look and feel your best?

How to Optimal Health at Any Age!

Drink More Water

So, I’ve been on the happy coffee irregularly for about a month. I had a really hard time being consistent because I wasn’t a fan of coffee. I ordered the Zest last week and I got it this morning. GUYS - it’s FABULOUS! I am a big water drinker anyway (on average 2 liters a day) so this is such an easy way to drink what I love and not have to gag toward the bottom of the coffee cup, LOL. If you have been hesitating this is your sign! Try the ZEST! It’s amazing!" - Keri H.

What a non-coffee drinker says about Elevate Zest
Lost a pound a day

A Pound a Day!

"Today is 1 week on (Zest) lemonade. I had to move the scale a few times to triple check! 7lbs! That's a lb a day" - Nicole C.

Elevate Zest Ingredients

Elevate Zest Ingredients

Elevate ZEST & XanthoMax = D.O.S.E.

Just like our popular coffee, Elevate, the natural ingredients in Elevate ZEST help your body produce higher levels of Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins. But to get all 4 of the Happy Hormones you also need XanthoMax. XanthoMax is a proprietary product containing xanthohumol, which is the only natural substance on earth that helps your body release more oxytocin. Together ZEST and XanthoMax produce D.O.S.E. (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins).

Elevate XEST and XanthoMax combined give you D.O.S.E

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