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"By trying Elevate "Happy Coffee" I was able to feel relief from my stubborn menopause symptoms.
Brain fog, fatigue, even depression... And, I lost some weight and have been able to maintain it since!

Zest provides the same benefits as Elevate Coffee without the caffeine! Drink it as a refreshing lemonade, or as a hot tea!

I'm so passionate about what Zest can do for people, and I'm excited for you to try it!" - Shirley Guiducci

Shirley Guiducci - Elepreneurs Leader
Elevate zest sample
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ZEST 7 Day Supply

Use your Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal!

ZEST 30 Day Trial

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Whatever Elevate Zest sample option you choose, I’m excited to have you try our happy smart beverage. Remember… Don't delay in trying it within 7 days of receiving it as promised. You'll be 'happy' you did!

We want your honest feedback. We'd love to add your happy story to the 1,000's of others! You’ll want to check out our Exclusive, private product Facebook group. There you’ll see the incredible results of so many others. Connect with me on FB and I’ll send you that special invite.

With a genuine heart, I highly recommend the 30-day Trial option. Although you’ll feel some benefits with less days… the 30-day Trial is powerful, to say the least. You’ll be giving it that genuine ‘old college try’ to truly understand what these products can do for your overall health & wellness.

So give an Elevate Zest sample a shot. You have nothing to lose! Why? Because we back our products with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee & no pressure return policy!

And don’t just take it from me… Check out our testimonials below.

Bev S

So just doing trial with Zest and coffee and so loving this already. I see progress in weight loss and body forming into shape. I was heading to a size 16 now back to 14 in just 2 days all I can say is wow. So love it. I have coffee in the morning and zest after lunch in my bottled water.” - Bev S


“I am spring cleaning my closet and room today. I love the focus! I do Zest in the afternoon. I am trying on my shorts that were going to get tossed out cause they were too tight. But now loose and comfy!! My clothing just fit so much better.” - Nancy

Brittany Before Trying Zest
Brittany After Using Zest


“I’m in happy tears. I struggled SO much doing everything I can to get the weight gain off. In just two months these are my results. No real change in diet and no increase in exercise. I stayed consistent with walking 2 miles a week and doing my best to not eat junk food when stressed. But being less stressed thanks to the Zest happy lemonade. I’ve cut down on only eating when hungry. That’s been the hardest part of it all. Because I used to eat just to eat. Especially when stressed. But I couldn’t be happier.” - Brittany

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