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Having moved to Florida in 2014, we absolutely fell in love with the idea of exploring the state. There are so many diverse ecosystems to experience and animals to see. As a friend put it, "if it can live, it lives in Florida".

Between the two of us, we have lived in many U.S. states and traveled the country extensively. We have done the vacations where you fly to a location, check into a hotel or resort, and had a great time. However, there is no better way, in our opinion, to see this beautiful country of ours than by camping.

Whether you are going for a weekend or taking an extended trip for a few weeks or months, you'll want to have what you need to fully enjoy your time. To help you out, we’ve compiled an RV camping gear list so you can choose what you need.

RV Camping Gear

Choosing RV Camping Gear
for the Inside of Your RV

RVs can be outfitted quite nicely and completely. But there are usually a few essentials for comfort, convenience, and organization that you might need. RV camping gear for the inside of your RV.

Our Favorite Purchases and Recommendations

Clear Plastic Containers with Locking Lid

Shirley is the organizer and packer between the two of us. She measured all the places in our pop up camper where we could store items. She then purchased different sizes of these clear plastic containers with locking lids and labeled them. It makes setting up and breaking down the campsite so much easier. The locking lids are great to keep critters out of your items at the campsite.

Foam Mattress Pad

If you fortunate enough to have a nice, cushy mattress that cam with your RV this piece of gear for the inside of your RV won't be of interest. However, for the rest of us, this foam mattress pad could make the difference between being miserable and having a great night's sleep.

Collapsible Colander

If you're like me and don't cook, this may not seem like anything to get excited about. But Shirley tells me that storing a colander can be a hassle. So, she found a collapsible colander that reduces down to be able to store anywhere. And, it's dishwasher safe.

Camping Cookware Set

With just about everything you get for your camper or camping, you have to think about storage. Sure, Shirley could have used her cookware from home. But our goal is to pack some clothes, food, and drinks and hit the road. So, she purchased a camping cookware set to store in the camper. The cookware from Coleman has a removable handle for easier storage. And, interchangeable lids. An RV camping gear must!

Camping Cutlery

For camping, you can choose stainless steel cutlery but we opted for plastic to reduce a little weight. Along the lines of outfitting your camper so you have little packing to do, here's a travel and camping cutlery set.

Choosing RV Camping Gear
for Your Campsite

The choices are endless. Camping accessories for campers run the gambit of must-have RV camping accessories to fun RV accessories, and from frugal to frivolous. Here we give you some of what we chose for RV camping equipment. RV camping gear for the outside of your RV.

Choosing the Right Grill: Stand-up vs Tabletop

One of the first purchases for camping is a grill. Because you need to eat, and cooking out on a grill is one of the best parts of camping. But the question is, should you get a stand-up grill or go with a tabletop. One of the key travel trailer must-have accessories.

Stand-up Camping Grill

This stand-up camping grill by Coleman will give you more grilling power than with most tabletops at 11,000 BTUs. It also gives you more grilling space which is important if you're cooking for more than a few people.

The downside to a stand-up grill is the added weight, storage issue, and cost. But note that this stand-up grill does fold down nicely with a handle for easy transport.

Stand-up Camping Grill
Stand-up Camping Grill folded

Tabletop Camping Grill

We started out with this tabletop camping grill. This 2-burner tabletop works great for simple meals and feeding just a few people. It's light-weight, durable, and easy to store. It's made by Coleman, one of the best brands in the outdoor industry.

Here's a 3rd Choice and the One We Have

Blackstone 17" Table Top Griddle

We have the tabletop camping grill pictured above. But we also wanted something with more grilling space, easier to clean, and a better way to cook pancakes, scrambled eggs, and dinner meals.

This Camping Griddle has en electric igniter and uses the same small propane bottles as the tabletop camping grill. It has a grease catcher and wipes off easily. The "H" shaped burner and 12,000 BTUs heat up quickly and cook evenly. It's a bit more expensive at around $100 but you will LOVE THIS GRIDDLE!

Blackstone Table Top Griddle

What Type of Cooler for Camping
Suits Your Needs?

Camping coolers range in size from a small 16-quart portable with a handle to 120-quart coolers that you can stock with a week's worth of supplies. You can buy a quality name like Coleman or Igloo, or spend a lot more and buy a Yeti. You can even have a refrigerated cooler so you never have to worry about buying and transporting ice. We give you a variety of the best coolers for camping. An RV camping gear staple!

Coleman 16-Quart Portable Cooler

Coleman coolers, like their other products, are known for quality and are made in the USA.

Igloo Polar Insulated 120-Quart Cooler

Insulated to hold ice for up to 5 days. This is the Igloo cooler we have. When fully loaded it weighs a lot. We put it in the back of our SUV and load it from the tailgate. Then slide it up behind the passenger seats in front of the rear axle to take the weight off the trailer tongue. Once we unload at the campsite, we slide it back to the tailgate and access it that way for the entire trip. Very sturdy and Igloo replacement parts are readily available.

Coleman 40-Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler
with Power Cord, Black/Silver

If you have an outlet on the outside of your RV available, you have cold food and drinks. No need for hauling ice or making runs to the store with this electric cooler for camping. Great for backyard BBQs too!

Solar Life Spring Sale Cooler

This camping cooler for 2020 is SELF Charging using energy from the sun! It can also charge your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, or Tablet).  Ice up to 5 Days - Wheels for Transport - Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Beach,  and perfect for hurricane relief!

A Durable, Easy to Clean Foldable Camping Table

We found a couple of different types of folding camping tables. One is made of sturdy plastic and cleans up well. The other is a camping table with storage underneath for our plates, bowls, pots, and pans.

Portable Folding Plastic Table with Handle and Lock

This foldable camping table comes in a 4-foot, 6-foot, or 8-foot length. The handle makes it easy to carry. And, the lock ensures it will stay unfolded and won't collapse when moving it. It also has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. We use this table just outside the camper for the supplies we want continual access to.

Folding Camping Table with Storage

We absolutely love this camping table with storage underneath. We didn't put our food inside as it suggests in the picture. On one side Shirley put her plastic plates and bowls. On the other were her pots and pans. Then you just zip it up to keep them out of the way and bug-free. One of our top picks for RV camping gear!

Camping String Lights 

Shirley got some led camping lights that aren't necessarily designed for just camping. But they are indoor/outdoor and waterproof. These outdoor camping lights were the perfect amount of light around our trailer awning.

Movable Shade Sail for Awning Extension

This is another purchase we made that isn't specifically just for camping. The reason we got 3 of these 3x3 shade sails is that they gave us more flexibility because they are easily moved when the sun shifts direction. Larger awning extensions give shade in one direction only and can't be moved. Plus this was a lot less expensive at about $10.00 each. These shades are among the best RV camping accessories.

RV Outdoor Rugs

To keep as much sand and dirt out of your camper as possible, you'll need an outdoor rug. They come in many sizes, colors, and patterns allowing you can choose the right one for your camper. We chose the 9x6 size because it fits perfectly under our camper awning. Another RV camping gear must have!

Camping Electronics

Stay powered and bring your music with you to the great outdoors. Make sure you can operate your appliances, charge your cell phones, and enjoy some fireside tunes. These aren't RV camping gear must-haves. But they sure are cool if you do and are among the best new camper gadgets!

Portable Power Station

AIPER 150W Portable Solar Generator Lithium Battery Backup Power Supply with Dual 110V AC Outlet, 3 DC Ports, 2 USB Outputs
View on Amazon

Wireless Phone Chargers

Compatible with iPhone or Android, just place your phone on the charger (vertical or horizontal). Comes in a 2-Pack.
View on Amazon

Wireless Earbuds

Keep your hands free while hiking or setting up the campsite. Don't miss calls and listen to your favorite music. iPhone & Android.
View on Amazon

Blue Tooth Outdoor Speaker

Waterproof inside and out, and highly portable. Place in your campsite or take it with you on a hike.
View on Amazon

Portable Solar Panel

100 Watt, 12 Volt Portable, foldable solar panel with carrying case and waterproof controller. Perfect for dry camping.
View on Amazon

Portable Solar Charger

This solar charging power bank has 3 USB ports so you can charge 3 devices at one time. Also with 36 LED lights, it's a great camping light.
View on Amazon

Women's Camping Clothes

We don't have a lot of clothes specifically just for camping. But there are a few items you want to put on your clothes for camping list. For instance, we suggest a pair of hiking boots. It's just way more enjoyable to go hiking knowing that your feet and ankles are supported and protected. You also want some comfortable and breathable pants or shorts, and some cute and cool tops for camping.

Women's Hiking Boots

Available in many colors, these waterproof women's hiking boots from Columbia are made of leather, suede, and mesh.
View on Amazon

Cargo Hiking Pants

These women's hiking pants are quick-dry, waterproof, and wind-resistant. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for camping.
View on Amazon

Casual Loose Fit Top

These comfy, soft, and stretchy shirts come in a variety of colors. Choose from long or short sleeve. All with side pockets.
View on Amazon

Mens Camping Clothes

Guys need a few clothes to take camping too. Just like for the ladies, hiking boots are going to make those walks through the woods a lot more enjoyable. Plus, we need some shirts and shorts that we can pack away in the camper. Consider your camping clothes as part of your travel trailer gear...

Men's Hiking Boots

Made of leather, suede, and mesh these quality hiking boots with a breathable mesh lining from Merrell come in a choice of 3 colors.
View on Amazon

Mens Hiking Shorts

Quick-dry made of polyester and spandex. Stretchy for comfort and flexibility. 3 zippered pockets for phone, wallet, and keys.
View on Amazon

Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

This moisture-wicking, rapid dry, long sleeve shirt for camping is by Hanes. Available in 10 colors. Purchase in a 2-pack.
View on Amazon

So there we have it, lots of great choices for inside and outside of your camper. And, some items to wear to be comfortable while camping.

Keep in mind as you purchase items for camping that storage and weight are always factors. That's why we try and pack everything we need and want except clothes and food ahead of time. These items are permanently packed in the camper while other items are in a spot in the garage and will ride in the back of the SUV.

So pack smart and travel as light as possible. That way you can just relax and enjoy the best of your camping adventure.

Happy camping!

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