A Simple and Healthy
Morning Smoothie Recipe

Hi there! I’m Shirley Guiducci. After years of dealing with bloating and “hard belly” I finally enlisted the help and expertise of a leading health coach and holistic healer that first put me on a digestive reset diet. Then he helped me understand how to cook and prepare meals for a healthy lifestyle moving forward. My husband Dale has had kidney cancer, so we are very much into having the healthiest diet possible. Here's our morning smoothie recipe!

This is the healthiest breakfast shake you can imagine! Check out the ingredients list below. And, you can prepare these fresh, organic ingredients and mix it up in less than 15 minutes.

Have you been thinking of ways to improve the nutritional value of what you're eating? We've got a great way to do that that doesn't take a lot of time. As we mature and are living life over 50, it becomes more important to eat right for optimum health. Especially gut health. What my husband Dale and I have learned is that disease and health issues primarily begin in the gut. If we can maintain proper gut health, we can stave off many conditions such as chronic auto-immune problems. So, as part of our recommendations for a healthy diet, here is our healthy morning smoothie.

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Daily Fasting for Gut Health

Before I dive into the morning meal, that morning shake, one positive thing that we have done for our gut health is to fast every day. Now that isn’t what it sounds like. All I mean here is that we eat dinner early. Usually before 6 pm. And then we don’t have anything to eat after that for a minimum of 14 hours. You’ll be amazed at how your digestive system works and how you feel when you do this simple routine. Fans of the keto diet will appreciate this advice as well.

I realize this can be a challenge. I used to be the biggest evening snack food junky. Sitting on the couch watching TV at night, I had to have something to snack on. We now drink Happy Coffee. This coffee is infused with nootropics that, among other things, curb appetite. It helps me get through the night without snacking and I snack much less overall. For information on our, Happy Coffee visit Free Coffee Samples and we’ll send you a 2-day sample to try for free.

Get It Movin'

Another bit of advice is to get up in the morning, have your cup of coffee, do what you like to do early, and then get your body moving. Do this before you eat anything. You can have a tall glass of water to hydrate but that’s it. Get your metabolism kick-started by, at minimum, going for a walk. Dale and I work out. That could mean a bike ride, a run, or lifting weights. Then it’s time for our morning shake.

As part of developing your best diet for people over 50, you want to start your eating for the day with lots of organic, wholesome foods. If possible, find an organic produce store and add that as a stop in your shopping routine. These foods should include some healthy fat, protein, and digestive support ingredients. Blend them all into a shake or smoothy. We use a powerful Vitamix blender. This baby will liquefy whole vegetables in a snap.

The Morning Smoothie Recipe!

 All Organic Ingredients – Makes 2 extra-large shakes.

Healthy Morning Smoothie Recipe

The key to health and vitality over 50 is to give your body the right fuel. And, what better time of day to fuel your body than the morning? Start your day by loving your body. Here's our healthy morning smoothie recipe! This is the healthiest breakfast shake you can imagine!
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Author: Shirley Guiducci


  • High-Quality Blender


  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 inch piece of fresh turmeric approximate
  • 2 inch piece of fresh ginger root approximate
  • 1/4 bunch fresh parsley
  • 6 oz fresh asparagus
  • 1 handful fresh kale
  • 1 1/2 tbsp chia seeds soak in water for 5 minutes
  • 2 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • 2 tbsp hemp hearts
  • 15 ea strawberries
  • 4 oz pure cranberry juice no sugar added, not from concentrate
  • 1 splash lime juice
  • 2 tbsp bee pollen
  • 4 rounded tsp Apple peel powder
  • cinnamon powder to taste
  • 7 cups purified, alkaline water


  • Soak the chia seeds in a cup of water for 5 minutes while prepping other ingredients
  • Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until all ingredients are mixed and consistency is frothy
  • Note- you will need a fairly powerful blender as the ginger root and other ingredients may cause a standard blender some problems. We have a Vitamix blender.

Some of the ingredients we use in our healthy morning smoothie may not be currently in your pantry. So, here is a list of less common ingredients and a link to where you can get them. It's a bit of work upfront to get yourself set up to make this smoothie each morning but it is so worth it. Imagine starting each day by putting this incredible combination of healthy ingredients from mother earth into your body. Enjoy!


morning smoothie recipe

Most people would consider making this healthy morning smoothie a lot of work and time-consuming. But a different perspective is that it is a full, hearty, healthy meal. How long does it typically take to prepare a meal? Even a simple breakfast. It takes me about 15 minutes to pull everything out, portion it, and mix it in the blender. 15 minutes to give us an amazing start to our day. Not bad at all.

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