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If you have a few days and want to see what Florida is truly about, spend your time at Riverbend Park in Jupiter, FL. Some good friends had just purchased a home in “The Farms” in Jupiter, FL, and invited us for their New Year’s Eve party. While they were getting ready for the party, we rode our bikes about a mile to the western entrance of Riverbend Park at Riverbend Trail. Immediately upon entering Riverbend Park Jupiter, we started experiencing the true Florida.

Experience the Real Florida

Often when we tell people that we moved from San Diego to Florida they give us that look like “why would you do that?” Those people are big-time candidates for a weekend at Riverbend Park because they have not truly seen the real Florida. They may have spent time at Disney or perhaps the beaches, but one morning or afternoon here and they would learn what Florida is all about. Please don't think you know Florida until you've experienced Riverbend Park Jupiter.

Hiking, Biking, Kayaking Riverbend Park

Riverbend Park in Jupiter, FL is made up of well-maintained hiking and biking trails that wind over and around canals, rivers and lakes surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll see in Florida. Immediately upon entering the park we stopped at a bridge and watched people kayaking the Loxahatchee River.

Kayaking the Loxahatchee River at Riverbend Park
Kayakers on the Loxahatchee River
The Swamp in Riverbend Park
The Swamp in Riverbend Park
Cowpen Lake in Riverbend Park
Cowpen Lake in Riverbend Park

For Adults and Kids of All Ages

Hiking and biking at Riverbend Park Jupiter FL are easy for all ages. The trails are hard packed and smooth. If it has just rained, there will be some puddles and muddy areas. Riverbend Park kayaking along the Loxahatchee River ranges from easy to moderately strenuous. The river doesn’t have a major current but paddling up the river will take a bit of strength.

Trail Next to the Swamp
Trail Runs Along the Swamp
Deer Crossing the Trail
Deer Crossing the Trail

Don't Have Your Bike or Kayak?
Rent One!

Riverbend Park kayak rental as well as bikes, paddleboards, and canoes are available for 2 hours ($35 single, $50 tandem), half-day ($45 single, $65 tandem) and full-day ($60 single, $85 tandem). This is a great way to go if you don’t own kayaks, don’t want to haul them across the state, or are just in Florida for a short time.

A Few Hours or a Full Day Adventure

We brought our bikes so we rode as much of the park as we could in about 2 1/2 hours. Because we stopped to enjoy the scenery and take pictures, we didn’t experience the whole park. We stayed more in the southern end. The main entrance to Riverbend Park is off West Indiantown Road on the northern end. There are more than a dozen miles of trails to ride in Riverbend Park. As we did, you’ll find yourself crisscrossing the many trails and doubling back to get to another trail. We didn’t use our riding app with GPS, so our best guess is that we rode about 20 miles in that time.

Stumps of Cypress Trees in the Swamp
Cypress Trees in the Swamp

Deer, Gator, Turtles & More!

We arrived at the park at about 10 am. When we come back, we will start earlier to see more deer that live in the park. Even so, we saw 3 deer just off one of the trails. There was a large Buck with 2 Doe. One of the Doe crossed the trail right in front of my wife, Shirley as she was taking pictures. The deer here are somewhat used to seeing people so it wasn’t frightened at all.  We also saw an alligator resting just above the water, and turtles gathered at the bottom of a Cypress in one of the small lakes. Both were a little too far away to get great shots. See below. The next morning our friends went early and saw several peacock.

Alligator resting on the water
Small Alligator Resting on the water
Turtles at the Bottom of a Cypress Tree
Turtles Gathering at the Base of a Cypress

Come to Riverbend Park Jupiter Prepared for Nature

Riverbend Park, if you come in the morning, will give you an opportunity to see deer, turtles, osprey, otters, alligators, butterflies, peacock, raccoon, and possibly a bobcat. Plus, the swamp covered with algae and the hundreds of species of trees including Cypress and Palms.

If you come for the day be prepared. Bring a backpack with snacks, a hat, some bug spray, sunglasses, sunscreen, your phone for pictures and if you get lost, and binoculars if you have them.

We will be going back to Riverbend Park in Jupiter Florida for a few days. One day will be spent riding our bikes to experience all the trails. Another day will be for kayaking the Loxahatchee River that runs through the park. And a third will be riding the last portion of the Ocean to Lake Trail that runs from Riverbend Park to Hobe Sound Beach and back.

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