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Smart Coffee is loaded with Natural Nootropic goodness
to bring you the benefits that everyone is talking about.

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Trying Elevate Coffee Was Life Changing For Me...

"By trying Elevate Smart Coffee I was able to feel relief from my stubborn menopause symptoms.
Brain fog, fatigue, even depression... And, I lost some weight and have been able to maintain it since!

I'm so passionate about what this coffee can do for people, and I'm excited for you to try it!" - Shirley Guiducci


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So, How Does Smart Coffee Provide These Benefits?

Smart Coffee is infused with Natural Nootropics that provide improved cognitive function in the brain. The Natural Nootropics help you 'run on all cylinders'. Let's face it, life is busy, stressful, we don't necessarily eat right and we can all use a little help.

Elevate Smart Coffee Ingredients

1 Cup a Day is All You Need!
Most feel it within 20 - 30 minutes
No change in routine or something new to remember...
It's Coffee!

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Smart Coffee can help you is to try it...
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What Our Customers Have to Say

I am an avid runner & have run several marathons. 7 years ago, I developed arthritis in both of my big toes which affected my running to the point where I was forced to stop racing. Now only after 1 week of drinking this phenomenal drink, I have absolutely NO PAIN in either of my feet. AND for the first time in several years,
I have complete range of motion in both of my big toes! I am sold!!!
~Jerry Truax~

What Our Customers Have to Say

I've always been subject to mild, clinical depression and have chosen not to be medicated. Since drinking the Elevate Coffee and taking the Xanthomax I've had no depression. And an added bonus is I lost 7 pounds so far ~Kim Helka~

What Our Customers Have to Say

When I first sampled the Elevate Coffee and the Xanthomax my appetite was dulled and my mind felt crisper. I also felt more driven, not like a caffeine high but more clear and focused. As I have continued both products, my appetite has diminished by a lot and I get full quicker when eating. I feel great!  ~Tim Holick~

What Our Customers Have to Say

I am one of those “sensitive” coffee drinkers! Only able to drink maybe a half cup due to the jitters and acidic stomach I would experience. I started drinking the Elevate Smart Coffee last month and the first few times I drank it I knew this was different in a good way. For me it feels like I have more focus, clarity and a euphoric feeling that stays with me throughout the day including better workouts too. Thanks big!  ~Jadee Locke~

What Our Customers Have to Say

I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in Sept 2017. I’ve been suffering with a lot of pain, lack of sleep & uncomfortable to even just sit. In Apr 2018 I was introduced to Xanthomax. Now, after only 4 days on Xanthomax, NO MORE PAIN!! Total Believer ~Becky Burkhart~

What Our Customers Have to Say

WOW, Xanthomax really is a ‘happy pill’. I never heard of Oxytocin or Xanthohumol but was willing to give it a try. I went through the day not feeling stressed, handled everything as it came and was just simply happier, even whistling.  It relaxed my mind so much that I conquered a little bit of my fear of heights.
I was finally able to ride my bicycle over the Intracoastal Bridge with NO anxiety!  ~Shirley Guiducci~

What Our Customers Have to Say

This Smart Coffee is like magic! Taken with Xanthomax for two weeks has made my shoulder completely pain free, even with the partial tear in my rotator cuff. My energy & focus kick in within 15 minutes of drinking it and my productivity has been amazing. Happy Coffee has truly changed my life!  ~Lori Crabtree~

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