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It may be that most people that haven’t achieved the career goals they set out for themselves by the time they’re 50, especially those of us that consider ourselves entrepreneurs, decide that it may be too late. But just as I found out, there are opportunities for finding success after 50.

I guess I was one of those people. There was still a spark but I realized that a business would have to come along that had a success formula that I could follow. I had started a few businesses that just didn’t pan out. They weren’t total flops but they weren’t a rocket ship to success either. I spent some time helping my wife, Shirley building her accounting business. At least that business was paying our bills.

Then I fell into something completely unexpected. It was a fluke. I really wasn’t actively looking for something but I guess I was very open to something if it came along. And, something did.

How I Was Successful at Finding Success After 50

I was searching for a credit restoration company, or what a lot of people call credit repair. We had some accounting clients that needed that sort of help. I called many companies and really wasn’t excited about any of them. Then a few months later a guy that I knew from 20 years ago posted something on Facebook that had to do with credit restoration.

I called him up and he told me about what sounded like a pretty solid company. I offered to refer him to some business but he suggested I check out the business myself. So, over the course of the next several weeks, Shirley and I took a pretty hard look at it. I eventually traveled to Las Vegas to go to a weekend seminar training the company was holding. And, that was the weekend that changed everything.

This company had much more than credit repair. It had a whole suite of financial services products that everyone needs and most don’t have. These services were affordable. The compensation plan was lucrative. There was a residual income component, which is something Shirley and I were looking for anyway. There was also the opportunity to build a sales team all over the country if I chose. But the greatest asset this company had was training for me, and for that sales team when I build it.

I Love Working From Home!

I jumped in full time while Shirley ran the accounting business. And, as time went on it became apparent that this was a great fit for me. Shirley began to work with me as much as she could and she fell in love with the business also. Now, 3 years later she maintains just a few of her old clients and is pretty much full time and works side by side with me building this business. Note- this was originally published in 2015. As of this update, Shirley no longer does any accounting business and works with me in this business.

In those 3 years, we have become one of the top producers in the country. We have won numerous awards including Outstanding Achievement, #1 in sales, and #2 in recruiting in 2014. We have been in the company magazines several times and was featured in the issue that came out in September of 2015. This opportunity is the best of both worlds because it provides a sound corporate infrastructure but allows me to be what I love being, an entrepreneur. And, we get to work from home. Note- it’s now been 8 years. More awards and trips have come our way. We still work from home. Our business has developed where we each can take time to do other things that we enjoy while we still make a significant income.

We now have Agents in over 35 states but are most definitely continuing the search for quality entrepreneurial mined people. This business requires hard work and a dedication to getting trained as a professional. Not everyone will want to put into it what is required. But for those that do, it’s a great vehicle to help someone achieve their goals no matter what their age.

success after 50
Dale & Shirley at the Annual Convention in 2015

If you’re a mature business person and can bring your skill set to the table along with being coachable to learn this powerful system, you have the possibility of finding success after 50. For more information visit the ERA Credit Services Business Opportunity.

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