The fact that we humans carry parasites in our body probably isn’t something you think about very often. But now that you do think of it, it most likely isn’t shocking to you either. It seems logical that humans would have parasites. And, of course, we all do. However, our bodies are designed to normally and naturally flush out parasites as they die. But there’s just one problem. We keep feeding parasites sugar! Sugar gives parasites energy and helps them reproduce. Sugar, the superfood of parasites!

Do I Have Parasites?

To have parasites as a human is normal. It’s not just people from third world countries that have parasites. Americans and people in other developed countries have parasites too. Parasites enter your body from food, insect bites, pets, a hike in the woods, or a dip in the lake. They can bore in through your skin. You can’t completely prevent getting them. But you don’t have to be the hostess with the ‘mostest’ either!

What Problems Can Parasites Cause?

So, what’s the big deal if you are a walking parasite factory? The problem is that parasites can spread around your body through your bloodstream from your gut to other organs including the brain. In addition to the tasty sugar you’re giving them, they feed off your amino acids and fatty acids. They can deplete your body as they feed themselves and lay their eggs. This depletion and population explosion inside your body can cause all sorts of problems. From a general malaise and fatigue to all varieties of chronic illness.

What Can We Do to Eliminate Parasites?

So, what can you do about parasites? Sugar, the superfood of parasites, is prevalent in the western diet so it might seem obvious to simply cut down on sugar.

Sugar the Superfood of Parasites

That’s easier said than done because so many of our staple foods contain loads of sugar. It's insanity the amount of sugar in ketchup, as an example, and in so many other products on the store shelves. And ketchup is a huge staple in millions of households.

If you and your family can’t live without sugary condiments like ketchup, try this Sugar-free Ketchup Recipe!

What If I Have a Chronic Illness?

If you’re currently suffering from a chronic illness, we recommend that you actually starve and kill off the parasites you currently have first. That means going on a very restrictive diet of zero sugar for up to 60 days. This is part of the Digestive Reset Diet we have written about in Restore Gut Health.

It’s not the easiest diet in the world. You will need discipline and you’ll feel worse, perhaps a lot worse, before you feel better. But chances are, you will feel much, much better very soon. The reason you will feel worse initially is that you will be killing off your parasites. Sugar, the superfood of parasites, once eliminated from your diet, will give your parasites nothing to feed on for energy. No energy equals death. As they die off and flush from your system you may feel terrible. I know that when I went through this diet with my husband, he and I both felt flu-like symptoms for about a week to 10 days. Then suddenly, we felt like teenagers again. It was amazing!

Start Reading Labels and Stop Eating So Much Sugar

If you’re not ready for something quite as drastic, it's still time to read labels & stop eating all that sugar. Start somewhere with your health. This is a great first direction to pay attention to. There are alternative products but pay attention to labels.

In a world of environmental toxins, germs & so much more, we all get parasites. How we combat them is our responsibility. Eliminating sugar aides in killing them off. You in effect, starve them to death!

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