There are some reviews on Webtalk already, but most don’t give you the date of their Webtalk review. Normally that’s not a huge issue. But Webtalk is in the Beta testing phase as of the date of this review (April 2020) and has undergone many changes and enhancements recently making nearly all Webtalk reviews online outdated. Some features have been enhanced. Other features are now available. And the compensation plan has been greatly improved as well. You will find the updated information in this Webtalk review.

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Webtalk Income Potential and Features

When taking a look at Webtalk, people will be focused on 2 areas. The platform features and the earnings potential. I feel the Webtalk platform has some significant feature enhancements and benefits over Facebook and LinkedIn but that is not what got me excited about Webtalk initially. If enhanced features were all Webtalk offered and I was just going to be a user as I am on other social media platforms, I would wait until others joined so I had people to communicate with and market to. In other words, I would not necessarily promote Webtalk to my colleagues and friends just yet. However, because there is a short term and long-term earnings potential attached to helping it grow, Webtalk got my attention right away.

Webtalk Fulfills a Need

In my blogging and business life, I have come to realize that income is of concern to most people and households in America today. My guess is that’s true worldwide. The economy is no longer structured toward the benefit of the middle class. There is a tiny percentage of people that can state that they are not concerned with income at all. And, as I write this in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, that concern has been increased multi-fold. So, I am going to approach this Webtalk review by discussing potential income first and then the features and benefits of the Webtalk platform second. However, to view the features first, click Features.

Webtalk – Earn from Social Media

The first point I’d like to emphasize in this Webtalk review is that this is not a network marketing company or MLM opportunity as stated in nearly every online review of Webtalk that I’ve read. Its long-term model is an opportunity to generate income through affiliate marketing. Having said that, for a limited time, there is an opportunity to earn compensation by bringing on affiliates as a Pro Platinum Member. However, unlike network marketing, there is no management or motivation of a team, no meetings, no conventions, and no chargebacks of commissions paid. More about this part of the income potential below. Let’s first discuss the income potential for free account holders or affiliates.

Webtalk Invite Status
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Note- While currently in Beta testing, the only way to join Webtalk is through an existing account holder. However, at some point in the future, Webtalk will have open enrollment and people will be able to join directly.

Click here to join Webtalk NOW and be invited to join our exclusive Facebook Group to learn more about Webtalk and how to build your Webtalk Affiliate Group.

The Free Affiliate Program

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram anyone can join Webtalk as a free account holder or affiliate. You will have the ability to connect with up to 5,000 people, the same as Facebook. You do get the Business Contact Resource Manager (CRM) feature but you are limited to 50 contacts in this CRM. And you get unlimited messaging to your contacts. As a free user or affiliate on Webtalk, you would use the platform much the same as Facebook. However, you will get the added built-in basic features of Webtalk over Facebook. See the Features section below.

Social CPX - Earnings Potential for Members of the Free Affiliate Program

Webtalk promotes itself as not just a social media platform but as the first social eCommerce community. As a free affiliate member, you will participate in the revenue sharing feature called the Webtalk Ad Rewards Program. Webtalk will generate and share revenue from the following:

  • Ad Sales
  • Premium Upgrades (see below)
  • Talent Solutions (Webtalk will have a virtual recruiting service for businesses to search for job candidates)
  • Transaction fees (Webtalk will have an online marketplace similar to Facebook Marketplace)

Webtalk Ad Rewards Program

Free Affiliate Members of Webtalk will receive a 10% commission on revenue generated by users and businesses you refer to Webtalk for life. This is based on three factors:

  • The amount of revenue generated by Webtalk
  • The number of referrals you have, and the revenue generated by those referrals
  • The number of activity points you earn and those earned by your referrals.

Earning Activity Points

Activity points are earned through your own engagement in Webtalk when you post, like, comment, share other people’s posts, and view profiles of others. These are called Engagement points. You can also earn Activity points when others like, comment and share your posts. These are called Influencer points. Keep in mind, these are activities you are currently doing on Facebook and LinkedIn for which you are not getting compensated.

Activity Points = Engagements Points + Influencer Points

Engagement Points (things that you do)

  • Post = 1 point
  • Like = 1 point
  • Comment = 1 point
  • Share = 1 point
  • Profile View = 1 point

Influencer Points (things that others do)

  • Likes on Your Posts = 10 points
  • Comments on Your Posts = 20 points
  • Shares of Your Posts = 30 Points

Webtalk Earnings Potential

Webtalk is estimating that the earning potential per user per month is $1.00 which won’t get anyone too excited. But this program will pay Free Affiliate Members on 5 levels of referrals. So, everyone you refer to Webtalk that signs up for an account, everyone they refer, everyone they refer, and so on through 5 levels.

Get Your FREE Webtalk Account

The Best Way to Learn about Webtalk is to Get Your FREE Webtalk account
- Set up your profile and view the News Feed
- Find out how the Social CRM works
- Plug your own estimates into the Webtalk earnings calculator
- See daily messages from Webtalk Founder & CEO, RJ Garbowicz
- And, much more!

As shown in the diagram below if you refer 10 people to get a free account your earnings estimate would be $10/month. If they refer 10 people as well, your earnings potential jumps to $110/month. Carry that out 5 levels and you’re talking about a substantial monthly earnings exceeding $100,000 per month!

$1 Earned from Each Referred User
5 Levels Deep

Webtalk $1 earned 5 levels deep
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You Refer 10 Who Refer 10
5 Levels Deep

Webtalk Earnings Potential 5 levels
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Estimate Your Webtalk Earnings

Webtalk provides an online income calculator so you can insert various combinations of the number of people you think are possible to refer, and that your referrals can refer. You can then estimate your, and your referrals monthly activity on Webtalk, and the percentage of people that may upgrade to the Pro Platinum Plan to unlock all the features of Webtalk and participate in the next level of earnings.

My Conservative Estimate

Being very conservative, I estimated half or less than half of the referrals, activities, and upgrades that Webtalk suggests in the calculator and came up with a monthly earnings potential of $783.00 (see below). This isn’t going to make anyone wealthy. And, Webtalk has a long way to go in terms of paying out this type of earnings (users, ad revenue, upgrades fees collected, etc.).

But here’s my Webtalk review conclusion. If I refer people to a social media platform that is equal to or better than Facebook and LinkedIn and eventually get paid even half of the $783.00 per month that was calculated by my conservative estimates, I’m in!! $783.00 or even half of that on a monthly basis can change the stress level in the average household. That’s a nice car payment that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are not paying us right now.

Webtalk Ad Rewards
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Webtalk Referral Rewards Calculator
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Pro Platinum Membership – The Next Level of Earnings

For those that are connected to a substantial amount of people through various means like businesses, network marketing, affiliate marketing, social media platforms and more, there is the Pro Platinum Membership. This provides the ability to expose the opportunity with Webtalk to a lot of people quickly. If you fall into this category you should pay close attention here.

Currently, by upgrading to a Pro Platinum Membership at a cost of $200 annually (currently 50% off the eventual annual fee), you will unlock all the user features offered by Webtalk. You will have unlimited contact capability, unlimited CRM usage, and more messaging, viewing and search capability. Ok fine. That’s great.

Webtalk Membership Plans

Pro Platinum
is just $200/yr
for a Limited Time

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But in addition to the earnings potential provided by Social CPX as an affiliate described above, you will also earn 10% ($20) on any new Pro Platinum Member that joins under you through 5 levels. This is currently open until the company has 1 million Pro Platinum Affiliates. Once the 1 million is reached, the opportunity to earn from other affiliate memberships will be limited to just 1 level. However, Pro Platinum Members that join now will have the ability to earn through 5 levels for life.

5 People That Want Another Income Stream

A quick calculation by a factor of 5, (you bring in 5 Pro Platinum Members and they bring in 5, and so on, through 5 levels) will earn you $75,100. What if it's only half of that? But what if you expand your earnings capability by bringing in 10? Some people will bring in hundreds. Again, this I feel is for people that have a level of influence and are well connected through other endeavors. And, that will put in the effort to share their link and have others upgrade to the Pro Platinum Membership. Or, someone may feel that just having the advanced features is valuable enough to spend the $200 annually. If they get just 10 people to upgrade, they get their $200 back.

Platinum Pro Plan Bonus
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Why offer 10% on Pro Platinum Memberships?

This is a unique approach by a company launching an affiliate program for sure. You might ask why is Webtalk doing this, and why are they limiting it to just the 1st million Pro Platinum Members? My assessment is that they are raising money for development. If you think about the compensation structure I described above, 1 million Pro Platinum Members will generate $200 million in revenue. If they pay out 10% through 5 levels that’s 50% of the revenue, or $100 million. That leaves $100 million for the development of an aggressive list of features Webtalk is planning. You can think of this as Crowd Funding.

Limited Opportunity to the 1st 1 million Pro Platinum Members

My conclusion for this Webtalk review is that they are limiting the opportunity for a good reason, or for a couple of good reasons. First, they want to create a frenzy to hit that 1 million mark. The limited-time opportunity will motivate people to invest $200 basically to see what happens. Think of how some investors in the stock market view a new company that emerges with a unique product or service. The infrastructure isn’t yet fully built out and the future of the company is still undecided. It still has a good chance of failing but, “what the heck”? Let me throw a couple of hundred dollars at a low-priced stock and see if it becomes the next Dell or Tesla.

By hitting the 1 million Pro Platinum Member mark, Webtalk will have generated some good development capital. But also, Webtalk will have perhaps 10 million or more total users as most people will not become Pro Platinum Members and simply sign up for a free account. This will help Webtalk gain advertisers which will pay the overhead, pay the users, and create more development opportunities.

A Small Percentage of 3.8 Billion

With 10 million users Webtalk will potentially see exponential growth as the 3.8 billion other social media users worldwide will start to discover it and value Webtalk as a place they need to be. At some point, individuals, especially business professionals and companies will not be able to ignore Webtalk even if they wanted to. This is the point at which anyone that invested $200 to become a Pro Platinum Member, and even free account users, would want Webtalk to be.

The other reason for limiting the payout of 5 levels to the first 1 million Pro Platinum Members in my opinion, is that they couldn’t afford to keep doing that long term. If this company takes off, they will have a tremendous overhead as does Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platform companies. And, they are paying out a portion of their advertising revenue to all Webtalk users while Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram do not.

So, now you can see why Webtalk got my attention. But our Webtalk review would be incomplete if we didn't highlight the value in the platform itself. Are people going to use Webtalk because it’s an improvement over what’s already out there? Well, let me share some of the current features and benefits of Webtalk as well as what’s coming, and you be the judge for yourself.

Webtalk Realtionship Management
Webtalk Social CRM
Webtalk profile
Webtalk News Feed
Webtalk User Search
Webtalk Media and Files Storage
Webtalk Apps Sync and Syndication
Images Above credit Alphonso Torres

Webtalk Features to be Released Soon

Webtalk Pages - currently you can only create a personal page on Webtalk. Soon you will be able to create a page for your business or brand.

Webtalk Mobile App - a native iOS iPhone and Android App to upload, sync and invite contacts, check-in at locations, find friends, and get real-time push notifications all of your network activity

Self-Service Ad Platform - target audiences in any location to help grow your business. Custom ads and sponsored posts to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Webtalk Features in Development

Webtalk Drive - create custom folders for files, photos, and videos to share publicly, to individuals or groups of contacts, or anyone with a link.

Webtalk Coin - Webtalk's own cryptocurrency built on powerful and secure blockchain technology to be able to make purchases from anyone within the Webtalk community.

Webtalk Meet - Video chat and screen sharing will allow you to meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Video conference, group chat, and product demos right in your Webtalk news feed.

Video Editing and Live Video - Upload and edit videos directly on Webtalk. Webtalk Live will let you "Go Live" from anywhere.

Webtalk Stores - Buy and sell products from the page of any business or entertainer on Webtalk.

Webtalk Talent and Vendor Booking - Hire freelancers and employees, or sell your services on an hourly basis. Funds will be escrowed and projects will be tracked until complete.

Webtalk Classifieds - Post and find jobs anywhere. Apply instantly using your Webtalk profile.

Why Should Someone Join Webtalk?

- Webtalk is free!
- It overcomes some of the downsides to both Facebook and LinkedIn and gives promoters, online marketers, direct sellers, and influencers another outlet to share.
- It more easily than Facebook segments personal and professional contacts so you can share posts and your profile with a limited number of people if you choose.
- Long term earnings potential through the Social CPX and Ads Rewards Program with a free affiliate membership
- Short term earnings potential for people that are connected and make an effort to expose Webtalk to others

Why Not Join Webtalk?

- Because they offer a free account there really is no good reason not to join Webtalk.
- Webtalk does have a long way to go to develop its’ platform. Certain features are not available as the publishing date of this article.
- Although Webtalk is gaining traction quickly, there is a relatively low number of users currently on Webtalk.
- Webtalk's business model and earnings payout model is unproven. This may lead to a collapse of the model quickly or in the future. But it’s free! For those that are more risk-averse and invest $200 for a Pro Platinum Membership, it’s only $200 for a potentially high reward in the future. And, getting your $200 back is not difficult.

The Conclusion of this Webtalk Review

There are 3 potential outcomes:

1- Webtalk could fail during Beta or when it is launched later in 2020.

2- The platform could struggle to compete with social media giant Facebook

3- Webtalk could capture a significant share of the 4 billion and growing users of social media worldwide.

Given all the above, it makes sense to at minimum get your free account. For those that have connections to others that use social media daily, the investment of $200 to upgrade to a Pro Platinum Membership, along with sharing their link with others to join in their affiliate group, is a small investment and low risk for the potential to develop another income stream or perhaps create long-term wealth.

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